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There are many skills and rules in foreign exchange trading. If you can master the rules and skills of these transactions, you can help investors get more income in investment trading. So specifically, what are the foreign exchange trading rules and the bank's foreign exchange firm offer trading rules? This article will introduce the relevant rules of foreign exchange trading.
What are the foreign exchange trading rules
1. Every time you enter the market, the loss should not exceed one tenth of the principal (you can agree on a proportion by yourself, and remember not to be too large). BTC Investors should strictly control their losses every time they conduct foreign exchange transactions, and the maximum loss should not exceed one tenth of the principal. In order to be well controlled, investors had better set a stop loss position when trading, so as to ensure that their losses will not expand.
2. Always set a stop
Setting up stop loss position can effectively control investment risk. It can enable foreign exchange investors to keep capital and carry out trading operations again in case of mistakes.
3. Don't let the position turn profit into loss
This is easier said than done. In the face of attractive profits, many people still want to get more. In the end, the market peaked and the price fell step by step. They also hold the mentality of "this is just adjustment" and think that "the market will reach a new high". It's a pity that things go against people. In the end, there are no profits and losses. (as long as there is profit, no matter how much, you are the winner.)
4. Not against the trend
Do not go against the market. This should be applied taking into account the operation cycle. BTC trading platform That is to distinguish the long, medium and short cycle trend of the market, and whether the operation cycle is long, medium or short. For example, if the market falls in the short term and its operation cycle is also a short-term behavior, don't hold it for a long time.
5. If you don't understand the market, close the position and leave the market
If you doubt your operation and original views, this mentality will seriously affect investors' operation decisions, which can only lead to investment mistakes.
6. Trading only in active markets
Only an active market can have the opportunity to make huge profits and cause losses at the same time.
Rules for foreign exchange firm offer transactions of banks
1、 Over the counter transaction: customers can handle transactions at the bank counter.
1. The client receives the application or power of attorney for individual foreign exchange speculation at the counter, fills in the form according to the requirements, and submits it together with his ID card, passbook or cash to the counter operator for review and counting.
2. The operator shall submit the certificate or confirmation form of foreign exchange speculation to the customer for confirmation. The transaction exchange rate shall be subject to the exchange rate on the confirmation sheet.
3. The customer's signature after confirmation is the transaction, and the transaction cannot be cancelled after the transaction.
4. After being checked by the reviewer, the handler will give the confirmation, ID card and the customer's passbook or cash to the customer.
2、 Telephone Trading: customers complete trading transactions by telephone without going to the bank counter.
1. The customer must hold his valid ID card to the bank to open a special passbook for personal foreign exchange speculation telephone trading, and reserve a password.
2. Before telephone transaction, the customer first needs to receive the telephone entrustment transaction procedures and operation instructions, and then hand in the filled telephone transaction application, ID card and passbook to the counter to set the special password for telephone entrustment transaction.
3. Conduct transactions in accordance with the transaction procedures of each bank.
The bank's foreign exchange firm offer transaction needs to use the electronic trading means provided by the bank, such as telephone banking and online banking. The bank collects the point difference between the buying and selling prices.
As for the foreign exchange trading rules, this paper focuses on what the foreign exchange trading rules are and what the bank's foreign exchange firm offer trading rules are. The foreign exchange trading market has its own rules, and there are also rules that can be followed in terms of trading skills. If investors can grasp and make use of these rules, they can put their investment and trading in a more favorable situation and obtain more benefits.
First: electronic money. Without relying on currencies issued by specific currency institutions, the total amount of digital currency traded is equal to 21 million. It is as simple and convenient to transact across borders as sending email, with low cost and no restrictions. As a result, bitcoin has been widely used in cross-border trade. Due to its great promise, the price of bitcoin has been rising continuously since 2009, even surpassing the price of gold, hence it is called "digital gold".
Second: world circulation. As a new type of currency, after numerous tests in the market, as well as technical risks, BTC the current Bitcoin system has grown into a currency system with millions of users, with tens of thousands of merchants making payments through this system.
Third: personal. The operation of the currency is centralized, BTC via the Internet through the center of the books to record transactions, and the currency is not to copy, when you are in trading, has given the customer's currency, will be displayed in the account, the surrounding nodes will also check if you have lost the currency, the currency is not theft and forgery.
Fourth: fixed quantity. Bitcoin uses a central ledger to verify bills. There is a fixed number of Bitcoins worldwide, and bitcoin transactions are broadcast across the network. Every transaction is visible and has historical records, so others cannot fake the amount.
Fifth: trading convenience. Bitcoin has broken down government restrictions by allowing transactions to be made quickly without cumbersome banking procedures, simply by knowing the other party's account. BTC trading platform Bitcoin transactions are highly open and rarely fraudulent. No matter where you are, as long as you have access to the Internet, you can control your money and make financial changes.
Sixth: The owner can only use it once. The owner of the currency after the payment is completed, the share of the currency no longer belongs to the owner, and also loses ownership of the currency. This approach is to ensure the security of payment, using cryptography as the protection mechanism of bitcoin process, can maximize the reliability of the currency. The owner's private key is also required to operate bitcoin.
BTC trading platform
With the integration of the Internet and the industry, now foreign exchange transactions are usually conducted through the Internet. Investors can choose formal foreign exchange platforms, which can be operated conveniently through computers or mobile phones. So is the specific online foreign exchange platform reliable? How to choose foreign exchange trading platform? This article will explain these two aspects to you.
Are online foreign exchange platforms reliable
Foreign exchange is now a popular investment item, online foreign exchange platform is certainly reliable, but there are also unreliable investment platforms. For example, there are many unregulated black platform spot companies. Make some unconscionable money under the guise of investment. Such platforms are forbidden in China.
To legally trade foreign exchange, investors must choose a legitimate foreign exchange company, but these companies must be highly regulated such as the UK's FCA(Monetary Authority), the US's NFA(National Futures Industry Association) and Australia's SECURITIES and Futures Commission.
At present, The channels for Chinese investors to invest in foreign exchange market are mainly divided into two kinds: one is to do the firm foreign exchange offer opened by domestic banks; the other is to open an account abroad directly through the domestic agency of foreign dealers and do the foreign exchange margin business.
Due to many factors, such as large difference in the physical inventory of foreign exchange (which can be understood as high transaction costs) and lack of leverage, the general rate of return is difficult to be satisfied except for large fluctuations in the exchange rate. Foreign exchange margin business is popular with many investors because it can be traded both long and short, and can be sold at a small price due to its leverage ratio. Now the mature foreign exchange market opened business, basically in the form of foreign exchange margin rather than foreign exchange firm. The main reason why China's domestic financial institutions do not carry out margin business is that they are not well prepared for it.
How to choose a foreign exchange trading platform
In the current market, investors should make choices based on the good industry record of forex dealers. For example, the company's history in the industry, reputation, whether there is formal supervision, safe capital supervision, preferential trading activities and service quality, etc.
To choose a good foreign exchange trading platform, BTC trading platform first of all, we need to check what institutions the platform belongs to. Regular foreign exchange companies should be regulated, and we must not choose dealers or market makers that are not formally registered or regulated.
Investors are also advised to pay attention to whether the dealer provides segregated accounts, which means that customer money is kept in a separate account from the dealer's day-to-day operations, meaning that investors' money is safe if the dealer goes wrong. Secondly, it is very important to find a transparent platform for transaction costs and reduce or eliminate hidden costs.
A premium fx platform will provide 24-hour customer service to help investors solve their problems. "By choosing a good foreign exchange trading platform, investors can give full play to various functions of the platform and make financial operations easier". The new generation of forex trading platforms have many new features and functions that help retail investors surf the currency market more easily. Investment traders need to look for trading platforms that are supported by the latest technology and provide a wealth of timely market data to provide a good foundation for decision making and execution.
In short, whether online foreign exchange platforms are reliable or not needs specific analysis, because there are many irregular foreign exchange platforms online. If investors choose them, they can not only make money, but also can not get back the funds invested in them. Investors can analyze and choose regular foreign exchange platforms according to the aspects mentioned in this paper.
Trade BTC Online
According to different objects, foreign exchange market supervision can be divided into direct supervision and indirect supervision. Direct supervision means that the foreign exchange regulatory agencies directly control the demand and supply of the foreign exchange market in terms of quantity, while indirect supervision mainly adopts some measures that indirectly affect the supply and demand of foreign exchange. This article introduces what foreign exchange supervision platforms are and why they are subject to supervision.
What are the foreign exchange supervision platforms
Foreign exchange regulatory agencies are the most important condition to ensure the safety of foreign exchange platforms. Trade BTC Online It can be said that a platform that does not accept the supervision of foreign exchange regulatory agencies is certainly not a good platform. However, not all foreign exchange regulatory agencies have regulatory qualifications. Here we will learn about some regulatory companies with relatively high regulatory qualifications.
First, the British FCA
The British FCA platform is currently one of the platforms with the greatest regulatory effectiveness in Argentina. The British FCA is set in the UK, which is the first place to rise in the global financial industry and therefore has a complete financial regulatory system. Under this background, the British FCA has gradually become the best foreign exchange regulatory agency in the world. Under the jurisdiction of the British government, the FCA is mainly responsible for the supervision of banking, insurance and investment businesses, including securities and other industries.
Second, the American NFA
The national Futures Association of the United States (NFA) was formally established in 1976. The responsibility of the NFA is to manage the NFA members in strict compliance with federal laws and regulations set by the CFTC. The regulatory effect of THE NFA is very high. After the transaction, the trading volume of the FUTURES exchange and foreign exchange market in the United States increased by dozens of times. At the same time. Customer complaints were reduced by 72%.
Third, Australian ASIC
The full name of Australian ASIC is Australian Securities and Investment Commission. Australia is the closest foreign exchange financial center to China, so the vast majority of domestic foreign exchange platforms are under the supervision of Australian ASIC.
Why should foreign exchange platforms be regulated
The foreign exchange supervision platform has an unparalleled fund guarantee and compensation plan. In accordance with the FCA's Guidelines on the Use of Client Funds, BTC trading platform the broker is required to separate all funds payable to the client on a daily basis and keep them in an FCA-approved bank, with the Broker holding these funds only as trustees. The safety of investors' money is greatly protected, and even in the event of a broker withdrawing money, investors have the Financial Services
Compensation Scheme (FSCS) as a backstop.
FSCS is administered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme Limited. The company is an independent corporate body with all the characteristics of a commercial company. However, the company is also an independent corporate body supervised by the FCA and functionally acts as fCA-mandated deposit, insurance and investment indemnity.
In addition, brokers are keen to accept FCA supervision. Strict supervision is good news for the financial security of end users, but also endows brokers with more responsibilities and obligations. But a growing number of brokers are keen to be regulated by the FCA to ensure the reliability of their business.
On the issue of foreign exchange regulatory platforms, this paper focuses on what foreign exchange regulatory platforms are and why they should be regulated. At present, the three most famous regulatory agencies in the world are the three mentioned in this paper. All internationally famous foreign exchange platforms are subject to the supervision of these three platforms. The platform is supervised by these institutions, which also reflects the formality of the foreign exchange platform and can better win the trust of investors.